This t-shirt company is challenging gender stereotypes in the best way

man who has it all

Actress. Female scientist. Female engineer.

Professions are often gendered, not only as stereotypes (the idea that certain professions are more suited to women) but also as labels.

A parody gender Twitter account known online as the Man Who Has It All has launched T-shirts that attempt to flip gender roles and stereotypes on its head – by centring women as the norm, and ‘men’ as the other.

For example, a “male engineer”.

It’s pretty awesome.

An architect










Man Who Has It All regularly challenges gender stereotypes on its Facebook and Twitter account, satirising sexist reactions (often exhibited by heterosexual men) about things that celebrate women – such as International Women’s Day.

The description of MWHIT writes:

Together, Man Who Has It All and 450K fans mock the patriarchy. We have created a wonderful satirical world, where women tell and own the jokes.

In one of their most recent tweets, they wrote:

Despite having busy careers and family lives, many men celebrities manage to keep staying active a priority. How DO they do it? How do they keep themselves and their family fit?

And there’s also this gem:

"I keep hearing people saying 'police officer' when they could just use the perfectly good, gender-neutral word 'policewoman'. My friend Michael is a male policewoman and he's absolutely fine with it. I rest my case." Claire, CEO

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