Meteorologist Erin Moran applauded for holding her baby mid-broadcast
CBS 11

Hearts have been melted after a meteorologist was accompanied by a very special guest during a weather report.

Milwaukee weatherwoman Rebecca Schuld delighted viewers by holding her 13-week-old daughter Fiona as she delivered the forecast for CBS 58 News.

Schuld has been working from home due to Covid restrictions after coming back from maternity leave, and her baby woke up just before her next weather broadcast.

She held Fiona to do a mic check when the producer back in the studio suggested Fiona join for the real broadcast.

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Schuld told Yahoo! that as Fiona had just enjoyed a long nap, she felt confident the baby would behave on-air.

During the segment, the new mom quipped that Fiona was prepared for the chilly forecast as she was wrapped in a fleecy blanket, and joked that viewers would have to forgive the baby’s bedhead.

13-Week-Old May Be the Youngest

"For a split second, I felt guilty about it and I don't know why. When I sat and thought about it, it's like, why am I guilty? This is real life. This is what everyone else is also doing,” she said.

“They work, their kids are sick, or their kids are crying in the background. It's always a challenge when you have kids in the mix, but that's what so many of us are doing everyday. So why are we hiding them?"

Since the segment aired, Schuld has been inundated with messages from people who said seeing Fiona made them smile.

As the news of Fiona’s appearance gained popularity, Schuld joked that Fiona should be put on the network’s payroll.

Fiona has been helping her mom since the broadcast too, and has appeared in a number of the meteorologist’s tweets.

Given she already has a bit of work experience, we wonder if Fiona will follow in her mother’s footsteps once she’s older.

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