Michael Jackson impersonator gets involved in street fight and uses MMA holds to win

Michael Jackson impersonator gets involved in street fight and uses MMA holds to win

A Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas took down an aggressive man using impressive mixed martial arts (MMA) techniques.

In a minute-long video clip uploaded to Twitter, you see the heckler - wearing jeans and a green T-shirt with “Can’t Fix Stupid” written across it - attempting to throw a couple of punches and a kick to the impersonator, who manages to expertly block the blows.

But then in one swift motion, the King of Pop took the heckler to the ground with a foot sweep.

MJ then goes into a side mount position, before performing a chokehold on the man.

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The heckler tried to grab at his hair, but the move still pretty much left him deprived of his strength.

“Get him, Mike,” someone could be heard saying, along with others in the background who were shouting.

MJ continued to hold the man in the choke until someone came around and tapped him on the back to let him go.

The crowd still lingered, keen to see what would happen next and to presumably prevent another face-off between the two.

As the heckler began to get up, he looked like he was still ready for another round and even assumed a fighting stance for a moment.

People in the video’s comments were quick to respond, with some even making jokes about Jackson’s song “Beat It” concerning the course of events.

“LMFAOOO Not Micheal Jackson performing “Beat It” in real life omg,” someone wrote.

“Choked buddy out to the point he couldn’t brea-hee-hee-the,” another added.

A third wrote: “See what happens when you wanna b starting something.”

Others in the comments thought the MJ impersonator was professional wrestler Santana Jackson, who also happens to embody the smooth criminal in the ring.

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