'Time traveller' spotted using smartphone at 1995 Mike Tyson fight

'Time traveller' spotted using smartphone at 1995 Mike Tyson fight
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Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time and it would appear that he was so good that people were willing to 'travel back in time' to watch him fight.

That's at least what appears to be happening in a fight that the former world heavyweight champion took part in back in 1995.

The bout in question was Tyson's big return fight against Pat McNeeley at the MGM Grand on the 19th of August 1995. This was Tyson's first big fightback following a lengthy suspension and he won it, emphatically, in the first round via disqualification.

However, a brief history of boxing is not why you've clicked on this story is it?

Yes, eagled-eyed viewers have long studied this video as they think that someone in the audience appears to be taking pictures or recording the fight on a smartphone, just as the fight is about to begin.

Of course, mobile devices are all over boxing matches these days but in 1995? Surely not.

Well, funnily enough, smartphones had already been invented by this point but they were not the advanced devices that we carry around in our pockets today.

Inside Edition

So, if the person in this video is not a smartphone, then what is it?

Well the good people at Inside Edition and have done some digging and discovered that the man in the video was a type of camera but it was not a phone.

The device was reportedly an early version of a camcorder called a Dycam Logitech.

Does This Mike Tyson 1995 Fight Video Show Time Traveler Using a Smart Phone?

There you go then, it's not a smartphone but a primitive device that we've all forgotten about.

This is hardly the first case of people online willingly believing that they've seen something in the future in an old photo or video.

Most recently, people were convinced that they'd found evidence of a man using a mobile phone in a photograph taken during World War II.

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