Man says he found millionaire's dirty secrets on $15 Goodwill router

Goodwill Exposed for Selling Garbage in Viral TikTok

“Do not donate your old technology to Goodwill.”

The wise words come from a TikToker who was able to access the private information of a businessman after buying an old Apple Time Capsule for $15 from Goodwill.

The TikToker, named Willhem explained in a series of viral videos, posted earlier this month, that he bought the old technology to see if it still works.

But after taking it home and plugging it in, Willhem discovered that person who donated it failed to delete information from it.

The Time Capsule seemed to belong to a businessman named Don who had tons of files saved on it that included his tax information, audit history, credit card information, bank account number, life insurance information, pictures, and more.

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“The fact that I have access to this is crazy,” Willhem said.

The TikToker said he would not reveal Don’s private information but did unveil that he was “worth millions of dollars” based on his financial information.

“He was like a business owner or a CEO or something,” Willhem said.

He added, “and to answer the question that I know everyone’s going to ask, there was porn.”


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Commenters were struck by how much information was kept on the Time Capsule.

“This is a NIGHTMARE of mine & exactly why I hoard every electronic I’ll ever have,” one person wrote.

“This is making me sweat and I’m not Don,” a commenter wrote.

Apple’s AirPort Time Capsule was a wireless router and external hard drive discounted by the company in 2018 - probably for the better based on this TikTok.

Willhem explained that he was likely going to delete most of the information “because it serves me no purpose and I feel uncomfortable keeping other people’s stuff”


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But he added that he was trying to track down Don’s family to give back some of the photos on the Time Capsule.

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