Controversial TikToker Mizzy ‘hit with three new charges after hijacking train’

Mizzy and others in a train control room

Controversial TikToker Mizzy ‘hit with three new charges after hijacking train’

@menacec1ty on TikTok

TikTok prankster ‘Mizzy’ is facing backlash once again after another video of his went viral showing him 'hijacking a train'.

The controversial 18-year-old, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro has become known for his outrageous pranks.

The prankster first garnered outrage at the beginning of May after his videos showcased the problematic pranks he was pulling on strangers.

His most notable videos include him trespassing and entering the homes of strangers, with his antics resulting in him being arrested and sentenced with a two-year criminal behaviour order. The behaviour order prevents Mizzy from trespassing on private property as well as filming others without their express consent in his content.

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However, it looks as though Mizzy was unfazed by this, after a TikTok showed him and others entering the driver’s cabin of a train and messing around with the vehicle’s controls. The TikTok was described as “GTA in real life.”

As a result, Mizzy was reportedly arrested and held overnight on May 26 after appearing in court on three separate charges. He was accused of “endangering safety” according to the Daily Mail.

Judge Rose Edwin told Mizzy that he “has shown blatant disregard [for] complying with court orders.”

The prankster has pleaded not guilty to all three charges and will remain in custody until Tuesday, when he will appear in court once more.

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