Bizarre video of woman accusing energy drink of promoting 'Satanism' resurfaces online


A video from 2014 featuring a woman accusing the energy drink 'Monster' of promoting satanism has resurfaced online and is shocking people all over again.

In the video which Snopes dates as appearing on YouTube and Facebook on November 9, 2014, a woman attempts to explain why she believes that the logo of the energy drink promotes a Hebrew version of the 'number of the beast,' 666, and questions, why the 'o' in the word 'Monster' features a cross, which she thinks, symbolises Jesus.

This unbelievable clip has been a part of internet folklore since it first made its way into the public conscience and occasionally pops back up on various websites every now and again.

Well, on Thursday journalist and prominent Twitter used Yashar Ali retweeted the clip complete with the caption 'My brain is broken' and small sections of Twitter lost it all over again at this truly odd viral video.

Even the infamous 'Church of Satan' Twitter account retweeted it and they found it just as hilarious as everyone else.

Just while we are at it, we can 100 per cent clarify that Monster does not promote Satanism in any form but can provide you with a real energy kick should you ever need it (other energy drinks are available).

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