Influencer Morgan Osman breaks silence on 'Instagram famous' plane video

Influencer Morgan Osman breaks silence on 'Instagram famous' plane video
Influencer's American Airlines meltdown: 'I'm Instagram famous you f--king bum!'
New York Post / VideoElephant

Influencer and former Bad Girls Club star Morgan Osman has spoken out since being branded the new "crazy plane lady."

Viral footage from the American Airlines flight surfaced online earlier this week, which saw Osman flaunting her influencer status while trying to get off the plane.

The clip shows the "star" getting a suitcase from an overhead locker, telling a man "Call me a b***h again."

"I did nothing wrong," she continued, before telling the man and "his b***h" to "shut the f**k up".

It was then Osman was spotted storming down the aisle and hitting back at one person who was recording, saying: "Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f**king bum."

Osman has since opened up to TMZ about the incident, claiming she was not told to get off the plane.

"Obviously, things have transpired before the cameras rolled and we all know that. So I feel like it’s very unfair that people are attacking me when I was provoked and reacted," she said, adding that she chose to leave the flight by choice.

Speaking about a woman next to her, she claimed: "She got on FaceTime and she’s making fun of me and I said, ‘Morgan this is not the flight for you… Just get off the flight because I’m [going to] knock her the f**k out’".

It was then that fellow passengers whipped out their phones to record.

"I’m the sweetest girl; nobody films the good s**t I do for people. So, whatever. And it wouldn’t have been a sensation if it wasn’t a sensational 10-second clip,” Osmon said. “I don’t feel bad about any of it. I’ll be the crazy plane lady. I don’t care."

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