In many religions, sex before marriage is a no-no. However, that doesn’t mean that young people haven’t found a way to bend the rules.

In a video that has almost 800,000 likes on TikTok, ex-Mormon TikToker @exmolex explained that young Mormons who don’t necessarily want to get married just yet will do what they call “soaking”.

“Soaking” is penetration without thrusting, and is seen as a way to get around the “no sex” rule.


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“The boy puts his penis inside the girl and then they just hold still. No thrusting, because that would be sex,” she laughed. “But if you put it in and just sit there and don’t move it doesn’t count.”

“It sounds like I’m making that up, but I promise you that is a thing that happens in Provo, Utah every day.”

Okay, great — but are there other loopholes? Absolutely.

In a video that has been viewed over four million times, TikToker Kathy posted a video of her jumping on a bed beside what looks like a couple under the duvet with on-screen text reading: “When your bestie is called to soak in a BYU dorm and you have to jump hump for her.”

In the caption of the viral video, Kathy wrote: “Did you know if someone else jumps on the bed, the movement doesn’t count?”

The top comment on Kathy’s video reads: “Everything I know about Utah I have learned against my will.”

Another user wrote: “When a friend told me about this years ago I put my car into a ditch laughing.”

Another asked: “So you’re just… in the same room as them??? While they’re???” along with crying emojis. Kathy replied to the comment, writing: “True friendship” with a 100 emoji.


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Wing-women come in all forms, but this truly is going the extra mile for your bestie.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them jump on beds.

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