'MrBeast' becomes one of few YouTubers to surpass 100 million subscribers
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MrBeast has officially knocked PewDiePie off the top spot as the most subscribed YouTube creator.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast online, is an American YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who has pioneered a content genre focusing on expensive stunts, challenges and donations. The more popular he gets, the more money he gives away.

On November 14, MrBeast surpassed PewDiePie’s subscriber count by several thousand. At the time of writing, he had 111,940,846 subscribers, while Swedish content creator PewDiePie had 111,846,735.

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In September, MrBeast was the second YouTuber to hit an impressive milestone of 100 million subscribers, behind PewDiePie. Speaking about the achievement, PewDiePie expressed his excitement for MrBeast to take his crown as the most subscribed YouTube creator.

"Come on, I’ve been retired for like 2 years now. I can’t wait for it to be over […] that’s alright he definitely deserves it. I hope he does it," he said.

MrBeast documented his live reaction to hitting the milestone on a YouTube stream, where he thanked everyone for their support.

"I appreciate every single one of you that watches the videos. This is literally all I've ever done with my life," he said, adding, "All I do is wake up every day and obsess over how to make the best videos possible. It's all I care about. It's the only thing that's ever really made me happy."

In true MrBeast style, he celebrated by giving away an entire island to one of his fans.

His video titled "I Gave My 100,000,000th Subscriber A Private Island" saw the popular YouTuber fly a hundred of his subscribers to the location where they took part in challenges.

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