Mother stages gender reveal photo for new daughter but spells her name wrong

Mother stages gender reveal photo for new daughter but spells her name wrong
'Mom-to-be surprises family with a fun twist during gender reveal party '

A new mum was excited to reveal the gender of her newborn baby and so decided to set up a sweet photoshoot to announce the news - only to later realise that she had spelt her daughter's name wrong.

TikToker Tina Brannan (@tinabrannan) was pictured at the hospital on her bed in matching floral pyjamas with her daughter Harlow next to her. But another close-up photo shows the baby's name spelt out in Scrabble-style letters above her head, which turned out to be an incorrect spelling thanks to a missed letter.

Instead of the name "Harlow," Tina had missed off the "w" at the end to spell "Harlo," - although they sound similar it wasn't the correct name of her child so after all the effort that was put into the snaps, sadly the photo had to be scrapped in the end.

Now, Tina has revealed the blunder to her followers and wrote alongside the images: "Remembering the time I done a whole a** photoshoot afterbirth for the gender reveal and spelt her name wrong so couldn't post it," with a crying emoji.

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In the captioned post, she also berated herself for the blunder and wrote: "What a t***," with another crying emoji.


What a twat 😭 #momsoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage #youngmum #5monthsold #birth #birthanddelivery #csection #genderrevealparty #motherdaughter #hospital

Since posting her misspelling, Tina's video has received over 105,000 views and thousands of likes along with plenty of comments generously offering to help edit the photo for Tina to correct the error.

One person wrote: "I can see if my bf can edit it if you want :)"

"You could of used an edit app & use the eraser tool on the cubes near her head & just posted the cute picture," another person said.

Someone else replied: "If you go on Facebook search “edit my photo please” they will edit it how you want x"

"Oh no, beautiful picture! Photoshop's best, but you could place a solid text box over it with a new message if you didn't want to use eraser tool," a fourth person suggested.

After going viral the mum of two from Newcastle has been posting about parent life and her recent leg break which she needed surgery on and currently wears a cast.

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