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A mother has expressed her sadness after throwing a third birthday party for her daughter - but the youngster's friends who were invited never showed up.

Breanna Strong (@breannamstrong), a mum-of-three from Salt Lake City, Utah had organised a day of entertainment for her daughter Avery and her friends to enjoy with the celebrations taking place at KidsTopia Playground - a 'jungle-themed indoor playground' full of "Giant slides, ball pits, parkour, adventure bridges and tunnels."

Alongside this, Strong had also ordered pizzas and got a customised Frozen-themed cake for the 27 kids to tuck into.

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Though the party didn't turn out as she hoped when none of the children who were invited turned up, and in a heartbreaking TikTok, the 27-year-old shared what had happened.

"We invited 27 kids to Avery's third birthday party. Not a single one of her friends showed up," the on-screen text read as she filmed the empty venue.

"Money and time wasted," she added as she threw a pizza box in the bin and then showed Avery sitting by herself eating a slice of pizza.

"Breaks my momma heart so bad. Literally going to go home and snuggle my babies," Strong wrote as she looked disappointed at the end of the video.

"I wish I was making this up," she added in the caption.

In the comments section, the mum provided further context to how she organised the party and explained it was a planned event on Facebook.

"Seven families said they were coming and three changed their rsvp this morning and others didn’t show," she said.


I wish I was making this up. #noshow #birthdayparty #fyp #trending #sahm #makefriends

Since sharing the upsetting situation, Strong's video has gone viral with over 5.9m views, 169,000 likes and over 13,000 comments from people who were devastated for Avery.

One person said: "I'm so sorry!!! she must have been heartbroken! Next time let us know we will show up and out for her!"

In response, Strong reassured viewers Avery was doing OK: "She got everything she wanted. Pizza, frozen cake and jungle gym. She didn’t know any different rather than having fun. Just shattered my heart."

"This is a rule at my house. If we are invited, we’re GOING!" another person wrote. "We have been the only one that shows up. So sad this happens I’m so sorry."

Someone else added: "Exactly why I don’t have parties, I grab a cousin/friend and travel to give my kids experiences."

"This is so sad… have a [present emoji] from us on Tik Tok and a great happy birthday," a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, others shared similar experiences they had when nobody turned up to their party.

One person recalled: "This happened to me on my 16th bday. Never had tried again until I was like 26 and it happened again. I’m 39, now I always treat myself to a spa day."

"Just happened to me and my son for his 3rd bday in September," another person said.

Someone else replied: "This happened to my son a couple of years ago. Family dinners and trips now for birthdays!"

Hopefully, Avery still had a good birthday despite what happened.

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