Mother makes incredible meme after her daughter asks her if she can stay out

Mother makes incredible meme after her daughter asks her if she can stay out
Picture: Taylor Hannon/Twitter

Taylor Hannon's mum Cheryl has seen that meme.

You know the one we're talking about, exposing the darkness in us all...

Evil Kermit.

Florida-resident Taylor recently texted her mum to let her know that she wasn’t going to make dinner because she was out with friends.

This is how her mum responded:

Picture: Taylor Hannon/Twitter

Troll level: 100000000

Picture: Taylor Hannon/Twitter

The mum's message quickly drew the attention of Twitter:

Swift adoration followed

Move over Beyoncé…

Taylor showed all her friends, and told BuzzFeedthat her mum had a habit of jokes. She probably found out about the Evil Kermit meme from being logged into her daughter's Twitter account.

My mum’s had my Twitter logged on her phone since my freshman year of high school. At first it was kind of to monitor my behavior, but as I got older she just kept it on there because she really found it entertaining.

Her mum had sent the meme from her work, after she returned from the rain only to find that, with her hoodie up, she looked like 'that Kermit meme'.

Adoration was followed by hero-worship

Cheryl even received marriage proposals...

Did Taylor's mum let her stay out?

Yes, because she isn't like a regular mum.

She's a cool mum.

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