Mother of the bride accused of "upstaging" her daughter thanks to dress choice

Mother of the bride accused of "upstaging" her daughter thanks to dress choice
Mother of the bride dress sparks response on twitter

A mother of the bride has been accused of trying to "upstage" her daughter on her big day.

Snippets from the wedding were shared in a viral clip on Instagram. It shows the mother supporting her daughter in various moments of the ceremony. One clip shows the MOB walking down the aisle, while another shows her adjusting her daughter's dress during a wholesome photoshoot together.

Wedding content creator Chloe LeBlanc ( captioned the clip: "The ultimate MOB dress going mega viral on TikTok rn. We love to see it!!"

However, the dress certainly sparked a debate in the comments – and no, it wasn't because the dress was white.

Instead, the stunning floral gown had some viewers heated and feeling as though it was an attempt to take the attention away from her daughter.

"Wow. Couldn’t she let her daughter be the bigger deal that day?!!! If my mother did that I’d send her back to change," one candidly responded.

One person asked: "Why does MOB want to be the centre of attention???"

Another suggested it was the "wrong occasion" for the dress.

Meanwhile, others were quick to defend the mother, with one saying she looked "absolutely radiant," adding: "I would be so honored to document a mother and daughter who celebrate each other’s dress choices. Leave the ego at home. Some of these comments are such a shame to read."

Another reiterated: "I think she looks absolutely stunning and if you feel intimidated well then that’s your own damn prob. Step. It. Up."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I LOVE when the MOB goes all out and looks fabulous!!! ALL of my bridal clients want that for their mom!!!"

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