MrBeast's Kris Tyson calls out transphobic gag about 'Deez Nuts' branding from Keemstar

MrBeast's Kris Tyson calls out transphobic gag about 'Deez Nuts' branding from Keemstar

Kris Tyson, known for creating videos with MrBeast, has called out a transphobic joke made about her and the MrBeast team.

It comes after Tyson revealed the before and after photos after being on Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) earlier this year and thanked fans for their support.

The YouTuber came out as a woman and announced her new name and pronouns in an interview with Anthony Padilla in July.

Tyson has now been prompted to defend herself after the Twitter/X account Drama Alert made a tasteless joke about MrBeast losing a lawsuit for the branding of Deez Nutz' on his Feastable bars.

However, the account needlessly added a joke at Tyson about her transition writing: "This makes MrBeast the second person in his. team to lose their nuts."

Not allowing this to slide, Tyson responded by saying: "How could I have lost them when y'all stay riding them so much?'

Now, she’s hit out at controversial content creator Daniel "Keemstar” after he made a joke in reference to Tyson undergoing HRT.

Tyson also responded to comments from the YouTuber which claimed that a trans member of his team wrote the post for Drama Alert, which he runs.

To which Tyson responded: "Just because someone is trans doesn’t mean it’s okay to talk about their genitals? Just super weird. Hope this makes sense."

Back in the summer, Tyson provided an update to her fans showing the results of being on Hormone Replacement Therapy to help align her body with her gender identity and achieve a more feminine look.

"6 months on HRT!!" she wrote in the post, as the 'after' image shows Tyson with her hair in a middle parting and a slimmer facial structure.

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