MrBeast responds to criticism that he profits from his latest charity video

'MrBeast' becomes one of few YouTubers to surpass 100 million subscribers

MrBeast has spoken out since receiving backlash for his philanthropic efforts where he gave away 20,000 shoes to children across Africa.

The YouTuber, real name Jimmy Donaldson, teamed up with his sponsor Lectric eBikes to give young people their first pair of shoes. In a clip shared on his Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel, he explained how people in rural towns walk to school barefoot due to extreme poverty.

"They have to walk through miles over harsh terrain, broken glass and contaminated water," he said.

Inevitably, despite the YouTuber's positive efforts, some people still managed to find something to critique online.

One person's snarky tweet read, "Did he see if they were subscribed first?"

Another wrote: "He could’ve done a bit more shoes aren’t worth much."

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The popular YouTuber has since turned to Twitter since the mixed response and wrote: "No hate, you prob just haven’t seen this channel but it actually is a charity, and I obviously don’t profit from it,"

"100 per cent of all revenue from beast philanthropy goes towards running my food banks and helping ease human suffering, and since inception I’ve personally put in millions into beast philanthropy. That’s the whole point, make content around helping people to generate more money to help more people."

Giving 20,000 Shoes To Kids In

Speaking about the harrowing moment in the viral footage, MrBeast said: "To witness these kids wearing their first-ever pairs of shoes was really emotional and again, a realisation of the basic needs that most of us take for granted."

Primary school teacher Gabriella added: "For most people, this is very hard to understand, for using something as simple as a pair of school shoes to change my learners' lives for the better."

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