Mum blasted for calling her Gen Z daughter 'selfish' for not having children

Mum blasted for calling her Gen Z daughter 'selfish' for not having children
Gen Z Doesn’t Know How Good They Have It!
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A woman has been blasted for branding her daughter's decision to not have children as "selfish".

In a Facebook post, the woman began saying: “I’m Gen X, and I have a huge problem with how I am left carrying the weight for millennials.”

The woman, who said she was 42 years old said her 22-year-old daughter has decided she doesn’t want children and is going to get sterilized next year.

The post took an unusual turn as the woman claimed that the “souls needing to come into our family for ancestral or karmic reasons still need to be born”.

Later in the post, the woman branded her daughter “selfish” and blamed her not wanting children for the reason she is currently raising two babies who “should have been to her” if she wasn’t so selfish.

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The woman wrote: “So I’m stuck birthing and raising two babies who should have been born to her but can’t be because she’s too selfish to have kids.”

She said they joke that her one and a half-year-old daughter – her 22-year-old daughter’s sibling – should have been her child and again called her “selfish”.

The mum originally wrote the post on Facebook and a screenshot of it has since been shared on Reddit where people had opinions.

One person wrote: “You're no Gen-Xr (you grew up with cell phones and internet in high school), and your daughter is her own person who is entitled to her own life and choices.

“Stop being such a pig by calling your daughter ‘selfish’, and pushing YOUR child on her. You are a terrible mother, and need to change your ways.”

Others said that given the state of the planet right now, there’s no need to reproduce.

One person wrote: “Planet is f****d no need for more f***in.”

Someone else agreed, replying: “She went ahead and f****d again, anyway. Now the psycho cow is trying to convince her daughter to raise her own sibling. B***h is nuts.”

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