Mum urged to ‘call an exorcist’ after witnessing baby’s creepy behaviour on monitor

Mum urged to ‘call an exorcist’ after witnessing baby’s creepy behaviour on monitor
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A mum got more than she bargained for after checking her baby monitor recently, and decided to share the creepy footage with her followers online.

Christie George posted a video on TikTok detailing her experience, and users quickly recommended ‘getting a priest in’ to perform an exorcism.

The clip shows Christie checking the baby monitor in her daughter's room and found the child staring straight at the camera.

Christie, who is 28 and describes herself as a “girl mum” from the UK, added the caption: "I'll just check the baby monitor..."

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Just to make it even creepier, she added music from the Amityville Horror to bring home just how freaked out she was.


Reply to @christiegeeee what’s worse, part 1 or 2? 😂

The video has racked up more than 1.7million views and hundreds of thousands of likes, with people commenting on the video and sharing their own experiences.

“You need to call a priest,” a user wrote.

“Nah bro the baby was checking in on YOU,” another said.

The creepy video has received 1.7million viewsTikTok/@christiegeeee

“My 2 year old has night terrors and will occasionally just sit in his bed and stare at the monitor. Truly terrifying,” one more said.

"This is why I hate putting my son in his crib in his room. Because that means ill have to check the monitor and I'm scared of this. I don't know why,” another added.

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