Mum in hysterics over leather trousers that sound ‘like she has a duck down her pants’

Mum in hysterics over leather trousers that sound ‘like she has a duck down her pants’

A woman has turned to TikTok with a hilarious fashion blunder that no one saw coming – not even herself.

In a clip that instantly became a social sensation with 11.6 million views, Gwenna Laithland (@mommacusses) couldn’t contain herself when asked by her husband, “what’s wrong with your shiny pants?”

Struggling to speak, she responded in hysterics:“I sound like I have a duck in my voojoojoo”, before demonstrating the bizarre ‘quacking’ sound.

“There’s a reason it’s hard to find shiny pants for girls who can start a fire with their thighs,” she declared before further showcasing the design flaw that had her in stitches.

“NOTHING could have prepared me for the sound these pants made,” one fellow TikToker commented, while another unapologetically wrote, “Why do I suddenly want shiny pants?”

“IT DOESN’T EVEN SOUND REAL! This is gold,” one amused follower said.

The shiny pant squeak appeared to be a universal fashion flaw after one TikToker shared, “I worn my shiny leggings yesterday and my husband couldn’t even lie and tell me the sound wasn’t noticeable bc he was dying.”

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One follower came up with an innovative plan, “I would wear these through Walmart to avoid people,” she said, adding, “Social distance, done.”

“This video will live rent-free in my head for all time,” another added.

The mum-of-three explained that the sound disappeared once she washed the trousers. She said: “When they arrived and I put them on, they didn’t squeak. It was only when I rounded the corner and left the bedroom that I heard the first quack.

“I called out to my husband, ‘Jackson! I’m quacking!’ It took ten minutes for Jackson to stop laughing enough to film me. I was just about recovering when another quack came out.”

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