Woman left fuming after friend pulls out of theatre trip last minute and leaves her with the £130 bill

Woman left fuming after friend pulls out of theatre trip last minute and leaves her with the £130 bill

A woman has been left in the lurch with a £130 bill after her friend pulled out of a trip to the theatre and refused to pay her share of the bill.

Posting on Mumsnet the woman explained that she bought the tickets a year ago for £130 to “splash out” but in the lead up to the event her friend “changed her mind about going”.

She wrote:

“A year ago during lockdown a close friend and I decided to book expensive theatre tickets for us and her teenage daughter. We paid £65 per ticket which was the top price on offer but we thought since we weren’t able to do much else we might as well splash out.“A couple of weeks ago she messaged me and said she’s changed her mind about going. She won’t tell me why but she has asked me to send her the £130 back.

The woman explained that she can’t afford to take the hit. She added: “The tickets are non refundable. I’m a single parent to a young child and I simply cannot afford it. She has argued that I can just ‘sell the tickets on’ but the event isn’t sold out and I would struggle to shift them and they’re non refundable.

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“It’s not a financial thing with her, she’s having some issues with her mood and she is cancelling a lot of plans which I have empathy for but I think demanding this money is really unreasonable. I’ve told her that the tickets were non refundable and I don’t have that money to send her and now she isn’t replying to my messages.”

Responding to the dilemma, some people thought she was in the right.

“Tell her to sell them on instead, why should you have to when she changed her mind,” one wrote.

Another said: “DO NOT send her any money. I would offer the tickets for sale to other friends and family but apart from that it’s really up to her to sell them if she wants any money back.”“I’d expect her to give you the money for your ticket,” a third said. “Why on Earth would you refund her? That’s bonkers. She should be giving you the money for your ticket as you are unlikely to go on your own.”

What a tricky one.

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