Nadine Dorries says the only way Boris would lose her support is if he kicked a dog

Nadine Dorries says the only way Boris would lose her support is if he kicked a dog
Nadine Dorries says the only way Boris would lose her support is ...

Nadine Dorries - the culture secretary and avid supporter of Prime Minister Boris Johnson amid his partygate debacle - just revealed that the only way he would lose her support is if he kicked a dog.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, she was asked about her support for Johnson after the latest leaked photo appeared to show him at one of the alleged Downing Street parties.

"It was Christmas; it was a Zoom quiz with the wider staff. Basically, that's all I have got to say on that," Dorries said.

But when asked if she would withdraw support for Johnson, Dorries made the dog reference.

"If he went up and kicked a dog, I would probably withdraw my support of him. But no, based on his professional delivery for the UK, no absolutely not," she said.

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People online had a lot to say. Many said that if a photo came out showing an act so unfathomable, Dorries would find a way to support Johnson.

"I guarantee with the headlines over the last few months he will definitely have kicked the dog. All we need is a picture," one wrote.

"Don't believe her. She would find some way of supporting it," another wrote.

A third wrote: "170,000 dead, but it's kicking a dog that would be the absolute limit for Dorries."

Someone else suspects that Dorries knows more than she's letting on and wrote: "If a politician with an ounce of guile was saying something that f****** weird I'd suspect they knew one of the parties the Met were looking into was a dog-kicking extravaganza and were prepping a high profile exit which let them paint themselves as v loyal but with limits…"

Check out other responses below:

Last week, Dorries was ridiculed online after her tragic attempts to defend Johnson on BBC News, Channel 4 News, and Sky News after his appearance in the House of Commons.

Johnson faced backlash after trying to distract from the Labour criticism on the Sue Gray report by accusing Sir Keir Starmer of neglecting to prosecute Jimmy Savile, a disgraced entertainer when he was head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

However, according to a Reuters fact-check, no evidence exists to support Johnson's claims.

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