People are celebrating the new British Vogue cover for an important reason

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British Vogue’s May cover is one of its most diverse yet, and people can’t get enough of it.

The cover features nine models, dubbed fashion’s “New Frontiers”, and features women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The magazine has even made history by featuring a hijab-wearing model on its cover for the first time in 102 years.

In April last year, Ghanian-born Edward Enninful took over the reigns as editor-in-chief of the magazine, and it seems his headship is already causing waves.

Enninful said in the latest editor’s letter that he intends for the magazine to celebrate all kinds of diversity.

He wrote:

One of the great positives of the past few months is the fashion industry finally embracing a concept that has defined my entire working life: diversity. When I say diversity, I want to be clear that it is never just about black and white for me. It’s about diversity across the board – whether that’s race, size, socio-economic background, religion, sexuality. That’s what I want to celebrate with this cover.

The cover includes Halima Aden and Adut Akech, born in the same refugee camp in Kenya. Along with them, there’s Radhika Nair, Korean Yoon Young Bae, Faretta, Fran Summers, Vittoria Ceretti, Paloma Elsesser and Selena Forrest.

People are loving the direction Enninful is taking the magazine:

Some are calling it revolutionary

Enninful believes these women represent a "new global idea".

To me they represent a new global idea that anything is possible.

The shoot was incredible, watching our group take such an important first step in their careers with this special Vogue cover. What really struck me, despite their varied backgrounds, was how similar they all were. Kind, engaged, socially minded and impressively sweet to one another.

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