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One thing hardcore London commuters pride themselves on is knowing exactly where to stand so the tube train doors open right in front of them.

But not anymore.

There are plans to mark stations with a green area to indicate where the carriage doors ophttps://www.indy100.com/article/science-teacher-gross-lesson-teach-pupils-wash-hands-bread-germs-7946191en, in an attempt to reduce congestion by showing passengers where to not stand when people are getting off the train.

A TfL spokesperson said:

It’s a visual cue to get people to walk all the way along the platform and to show you where the doors open. It’s about reducing congestion.

Quite often in peak times, passengers, they congregate at the entrance to the platform. On the Jubilee line for example, you don’t have that because people wait in front of the safety barriers.

The idea is being trialled at Kings Cross station – and people aren’t happy.

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