We did it. We finally made it out of 2020.

There’s no need to remind you that 2020 has been one of the world’s worst collective experiences in a long time. This past year has been pretty arduous for everyone, so suffice to say, we’ve all just been waiting for it to end.

Even though the pandemic is certainly not over yet, a new year also brings a fresh start. Besides, we could all do with a pinch of optimism. We’re allowed to have that at the very least.

As we rang in the new year, many of us also bid adieu to the worst year of our lives in a way that only 2020 truly deserved: with biting jokes about how much we hated last year. (How good does it feel to call 2020 “last year”?)

New Year’s felt very different this time. Mostly because it felt like we were celebrating the death of 2020 than the arrival of 2021.

Many also had different plans in mind for New Year’s Eve. (Hint: It involves sleeping.)

Of course, we all should’ve stayed home anyway.

Introverts were feeling very validated.

As 2021 approached, people looked forward to a brighter future. (Fingers crossed.)

Jessica Chastain joined in on the celebrations in Jessica Chastain fashion.

Still, 2020 will never really leave us.

Good riddance to 2020.

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