An Uber driver found a lost purse and responded brilliantly


If you didn't lose anything on New Year's Eve, you didn't New Year's Eve properly.

And yes, you can count your dignity, no matter what Sarah Vine says.

Reddit and Imgur user dentaldan23 went out on New Year's Eve and his friend had a smashing time in New York.

She lost her purse by leaving it in an Uber.

The driver then ensured the purse had an even better time than her.

The adjoining caption read:

Friend left her purse in an Uber on NYE. Found some interesting pictures on her phone when she retrieved it the following day.

On reddit, Dbarakh (who we assume is the same person, but we can't be sure) commented:

Friend wanted me to make sure to mention that the googly eyes were included in the side pocket of the purse.

The story has a happy ending - the purse was dropped off the next day.

So all's well that ends well.

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