1 in 5 people in NYC are considering joining OnlyFans just to cover their rent

New Yorkers Complain of Loud Sex in the City

A new study has lifted the lid on the sacrifices people would make to cover rent in their dream city – one of the more innovative methods being: starting an OnlyFans account.

The results by Cinch Home Servicesrevealed that a staggering 1 in 5 people would consider joining the adult subscription platform to live in one of the top-rated US cities: New York, San Diego and Los Angeles.

And, it's no surprise considering the rent in New York continues to skyrocket.

Some people have already embraced their OnlyFans side hustle and taken to Twitter with their own personal successes. "Holy s**t. OnlyFans officially paid my NYC apartment rent this month," one person shared. "Everyone who hates people who use this site can truly f**k right off."

Another stressed out user expressed they were considering joining the site, saying: "My family constantly fights to keep food on the table and paying rent in NYC, I've thought of even doing an OnlyFans to help my stressed-out mother with some things around the house."

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In addition, the study revealed that people would be happy to "eat cheaper food", with almost half the participants saying they would "only go out once a week." A further 15 per cent would "steal toilet paper from work" to make ends meet.

One 28-year-old man said he couldn't afford food for days at a time. "One time I couldn't afford train fare back home, so I slept in the office. Actually, that happened several times," he said.

Another declared that the worst part about living in their dream city was "basically not being able to do anything." They added: "Moving there negated the point entirely."

People have turned to TikTok to voice their concerns amid the city's affordability crisis over the last 12 months, claiming their rent has almost doubled the national average.

However, one user went viral for getting creative with the limited amount of space they had. TikToker Tiffany Payne transformed her 300 square foot shoebox house into a beautiful home.


transforming a shoebox into a home #nyc #nycstudio

Talk about transformation.

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