Man's advice to stop dating "hot women" has made people furious

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Beautiful women are just so vapid, boring and full of themselves aren't they?

At least that’s according to 40-year-old Dan Rochkind, the subject of a recent New York Post article entitled “Why I won’t date hot women anymore”.

The private equity executive from New York spent most of his 30s going on multiple dates with 20-something blonde models, but felt something was always lacking in his life.

“Beautiful women who get a fair amount of attention get full of themselves,” Rochkind told the Post. “Eventually, I was dreading getting dinner with them.”

In what must surely be a devastating blow to attractive women everywhere, he decided to stop chasing “the hottest girl you could find,” in order to meet someone who could “carry a conversation”.

Despite the fact that he “could have anyone I wanted,” Rochkind eventually chose to settle down with a 5-foot-2 woman called Carly Spindel, who he delicately describes as having “a softer beauty”.

Needless to say, the article has not gone down well with everyone.

Some of the responses on Twitter were not at all kind about the lucky-in-love New Yorker.

Jezebel was quick to offer the perspective of hot women on the matter:

However, some people did leap to Rochkind’s defence:

At least we've learned the moral of the story.

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