<p>New York street robber loses his shorts as instant karma is served</p>

New York street robber loses his shorts as instant karma is served

Photo courtesy of NYPD Crimestoppers/Facebook

A video captured a man in Brooklyn trying to rob someone, but his efforts to rob the passerby were halted as his pants kept falling down.

The NYPD Crimestoppers took to their Facebook to upload surveillance footage from the July 12 incident that shows the attempted thief and victim already engaged as the culprit slams the victim to the ground while trying to seize something from him.

However, the robber stumbles as his shorts slip past his knees while he battles with the victim, who refuses to relinquish his belongings.

The robber could be seen dragging the victim (who is unnamed) across the sidewalk in front of a store as his shorts continue to slide down to his ankles. The robber ended up falling into the street.

In the midst of this, the robber is still holding on to the property he’s trying to take.

When he does happen to get back up, a few bystanders come out of the restaurant in an attempt to get the man off of the victim.

Eventually, he lets the man go, pulls up his pants, and continues to try and grab at the property he was trying to steal for a brief moment before running away in the opposite direction.

According to The Daily Mail, police officers in NYPD’s 72nd Precinct, the attempted robber left the scene in a white SUV headed south.

EMS reportedly transported the victim to NYU’s Langone Hospital Brooklyn, where he was treated for cuts to his knees, backs, and elbows. He is in stable condition.

The incident occurred while violence in New York City persists, robberies increased by roughly 16 per cent in the last month compared to the same period last year.

NYPD stats show that shootings have increased to 28.9 per cent in 2021 compared to last year around the same time. There are also 803 shooting incidents in 2021 compared to 623 last year.

Assaults are also on the rise this year. On July 18, 11,550 felony assaults were reported.

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