New York City gets ridiculed for only just introducing 'trash revolution' wheelie bins

New York City gets ridiculed for only just introducing 'trash revolution' wheelie bins
Eric Adams unveils 'trash revolution' aka wheelie garbage bins
NYC Mayor’s Office

Wheelie bins as Brits know them have been around since 1968 (and were around for decades before that) where millions of people across the United Kingdom, and in loads of other countries, put their rubbish into big plastic containers that are easy to move around, put out to be collected and so that rubbish doesn't line the streets.

But New York City seems to have only just introduced them in some areas with social media users ridiculing a viral video of Mayor Eric Adams.

People that live in NYC buildings that have between one and nine units will now have to put their rubbish into wheelie bins instead of leaving it out in the street in bags.

Mayor Eric Adams has gone viral after announcing it - and showing how they work.

The viral clip starts with Mayor Adams wheeling a brand new black bin with wheels down a driveway and into a painted bay.

He then opens the bin lid and picks up a bag of rubbish that has been conveniently placed next to the bay and puts it in the bin.

Mayor Adams then awkwardly handshakes a couple of people stood just behind him where a lectern is placed ready for him to introduce the new bins.

And all of this is soundtracked by Alicia Keys' verse in Empire State of Mind.

The music then fades and Mayor Adams approaches the lectern and opens with: "Our trash revolution."

The social media posts

Social media has been doing what it does as a number of posts and memes have been ridiculing Mayor Adams and that New York City is only just introducing wheelie bins in certain circumstances.

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