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Modern technology allows for pranks far more elaborate - and terrifying - than the simple whoopee cushion of yesteryear.

Writer Nick Kocher, it seems, fully embraced the potential and possibilities of the 21st century to truly troll his friends.

It all started when Kocher's coat was stolen - in it were the keys to his apartment and, even worse, his address.

Intent on not getting murdered, Kocher installed a flashy security camera.

But the only footage was of Kocher ambling around his kitchen.

That is until Kocher's friend comes to stay.

At this point, it's important to point that Kocher has written for Saturday Night Life and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Basically, he's paid to be funny.

Kocher's friend Jon does not know he's being watched.

So, Kocher - of course - thinks up the most terrifying way possible to tell him about the camera.

It is then that Jon makes some very incorrect assumptions.

And Kocher proceeds to basically haunt his friend. But with tech.

Jon eventually stumbles upon an ingenious solution to being spied on.

But Kocher, always ready and waiting, gets revenge.

Jon has no choice but to surrender.

Just when you think the story must be over, this twist hits you.

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