7 alternative jobs Nigel Farage could do now that he’s no longer a politician

7 alternative jobs Nigel Farage could do now that he’s no longer a politician

With the announcement that Nigel Farage has once again left politics, a whole host of new opportunities have opened themselves up to him.

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader announced that he was giving up politics at the weekend and he has since emerged on Cameo, where he is selling personalised videos for birthdays and weddings. No, we’re not joking.

With this new venture in mind here are some potential career moves that Farage might want to consider:

1. Influencer

Give him his due, Nigel Farage has made a pretty good career out of influencing people in the political sphere. Who’s to say those skills aren’t transferable to Instagram? The ‘paid partnerships’ with real ale companies sound like a proper winner. He’s already well on his way.

2. Open-top bus tour guide

A man who’s made no secret of his passion for all things British, it seems only natural Farage would make an ideal guide for tourists (crucially, the one’s with a return flight home) visiting our green and pleasant lands. All aboard a diesel bus, because in Farage’s view, what is global warming? He’s already got some experience.

3. Fashion model

Farage has certainly served some looks over his political career. Whether it was him singlehandedly trying to bring back tweed or sporting the most Alan Partridge outfit possible for a spot of migrant boat spotting on the Kent coast, there is seemingly no style he won’t at least attempt to pull off.

4. Motivational speaker

In his political career, Farage has undoubtedly seen some successes. Many credit him and his influence as a major factor in getting Brexit across the line. So why not hire him as a motivational speaker? He’s already ‘big’ in the US.

5. Olympic flag-bearer

He absolutely loves the Union Flag so, nevermind Mo Farah, it makes total sense he’d be the next flag bearer. Consider this embarrassing display in the European Parliament as his audition tape.

6. Children’s entertainer

Nothing quite says ‘affinity with children’ like being fake knighted by an 8-year-old on Russia Today, who then goes, “My mummy says you hate foreigners”. Farage was absolutely made to be a kids entertainer and it’s an ideal opportunity to indoctrinate the next generation of right-wing voters.

7. Busker

Nigel loves a good sing-song, especially when the lyrics are about the good old days when the Britain Empire colonised and enslaved other countries. Rule, Britannia! On repeat, it is then.

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