Nigel Farage compared to Alan Partridge for bizarre picture 'looking for migrant boats' at the beach

Of all the qualities that Nigel Farage possesses, many of which no one would want to aspire to, his sense of fashion isn't one that even his most ardent of supporters would want to aspire to.

We're sure even Farage would concede that he is unlikely to be strutting the catwalk at fashion week anytime soon. But the beaches of Kent? That's another story.

Farage certainly turned a few heads at the docks in Dover, Kent, when he showed up in a perfect ensemble for his favourite new pastime: 'migrant spotting'.

In a bizarre image, Farage relaxed on a Dover hillside, presumably to get a better view of any migrant boats making their way across the channel. Perhaps this is his new dating profile picture for Toby Young's 'lockdown sceptics' site?

Farage being Farage, this photo and his general appearance has inspired lots of jokes, memes and ridicule of the Brexit Party leader and yes, there was more than a few mentions of Alan Partridge.

Others got creative with Photoshop.

It also got the song treatment.

In all seriousness, Farage has been attempting to highlight the supposed 'invasion' of the English coast by a handful of people that have been arriving in the UK by embarking upon the dangerous journey of crossing the channel by dinghy by France, which somehow became a national news story. This has led to the home secretary Priti Patel and ice cream makers Ben and Jerry's getting into a bizarre war of words on the issue.

Yet again, Farage seems to be back in the mix.

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