No, Muslims are not going to be allowed to speed because it's Ramadan


A story from a satirical news website about Muslim drivers being allowed to speed during the month of Ramadan has unfortunately gone over the heads of quite a few people online.

One man called James Taylor is now pondering the use of a turban during Ramadan so that he can break the speed limit without fear of recompense.

There are a few issues with the life choices detailed above. The primary cause for concern is the fact that turbans are far more closely associated with Sikhs, and Ramadan is a holy month for Islam, a different religion entirely.

Taylor is not alone in being misguided. There's a caboodle of folk on Facebook who've fallen for the satirical story from BFNN that says Muslims will be allowed to speed during Ramadan due to "stress".

(At least this woman got the head gear right):

The BFNN piece begins by stating that "followers of Islam will be allowed to break the speed limit during their 30 days of Ramadan."

Which is followed by a fake comment from a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police:

Everyone drives a bit faster when they’re stressed, it’s science. So can you imagine how hard you’d floor it if you basically haven’t eaten for a week or two? You’d be going like the clappers. We simply don’t have the resources to go after all of them so we’re just going to leave them to it and hope for the best.

The above, you might expect, should be met with lols and, at an unsavoury stretch, considered incredulity. But a number of people appear to believe the story is fact. It's deeply unnerving. But also very funny.

Here's a selection of reactions from members of the British public who've fallen for the joke:

This woman is wondering about Christmas. She even posted a link to the story which say it's fake.

Take solace in the fact that nobody (at the time of writing) had commented on this post yet.

Some poeple are discussing racism against non-Muslims.

Or are "very stressed". Chin up, mate.

That's what it's coming to.

And this guy sits there and wonders "whey is our soldiers risking their lives for a country what no longer exists...Xx". Pertinent indeed.

But this outraged Joe Bloggs hit the nail on the head without even knowing it: "You couldn't make it up".


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