Jimmy Kimmel asked Americans to point North Korea out on a map. It didn’t go well

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube screenshot

Late night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, in response to the nuclear threats made by North Korea and the United States, decided to test Americans' geography.

The test took a random sample of people on Hollywood Boulevard near where Kimmel records his show.

In May the New York Times conducted a survey which found two-thirds of respondents could not identify North Korea on a map.

Using a sample of 1,746 adults, the paper found just 36 per cent were able to locate the autocracy.

It also found that that those who could find it, were more likely to prefer diplomacy to use of force.

Americans who could not find it still supported efforts such as economic sanctions, putting pressure on China to intervene, and cyber attacks on military targets, but they supported them to a much lesser extent than their more geographically knowledgeable compatriots.

HT New York Times, Jimmy Kimmel Live

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