Nurse facing backlash for making a TikTok about one of her patients dying

Nurse facing backlash for making a TikTok about one of her patients dying
Nurse posts crying TikTok after patient dies, sparks outrage for 'exploiting'
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A nurse has received widespread criticism over a TikTok she posted of herself getting emotional after one of her patients passed away.

In the since-deleted video, Olivia Tyler (@olivia_tylerr33) can be seen in her scrubs as she attempted to compose herself with hands resting on her forehead as she paced in what looks to be a hospital corridor.

"Lost a patient today," the tearful nurse wrote in the on-screen text caption, Olivia then leaned against the wall and removed her face mask and looked down at the floor as leaned her hands on her legs for support while she took in some deep breaths.

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"Shake [it] off, you have 5 more hours," the text then appeared as Olivia straights up and leans against the wall.

During the footage, the emotive song Unstoppable by Sia played with the lyrics: "I put my armour on, show you how strong I am. I put my armour on, I’ll show you that I am. I’m unstoppable.”

Olivia has since removed the video, and her account has disappeared due to the backlash she received from what she posted.

Though the TikTok still appears on duets, as fellow TikTokers ripped into Olivia's video.

TikToker Luke Cook (@thelukecook) roasted Olivia by pretending to be the work colleague who filmed her emotional video. Dressed up in scrubs, as he handed the phone back and said: "Nice, yeah put some emotional music over that you got a viral hit on your hands."

"Uhhh... we should probably tell the family now huh?" he joked and later posted his own version of Olivia's TikTok too.


#stitch with @olivia_tylerr33 2022 is a weird time #tiktok #socialmedia #lol #jokes

Another TikToker Brody Wellmaker (@brodywellmaker) duetted Cook's video where he pretended to be another nurse who interrupted the two filming.


#duet with @thelukecook #greenscreen

"Doc, Doc, we're losing another one I'm...," he shouted before he whispered: "Oh s*** you guys are recording a TikTok, sorry. I wasn't in that was I?"

Later on, he too posted a parody where he pretended to be an emotional nurse posting a TikTok like Tyler.

Soon the video gained attention on Twitter after it was reposted by user Nikki (@ateenyalien) which received over 20,000 likes.

The clip also received plenty of reaction from people who slammed the nurse for using a patient's death for "clout".

Though there were some defending the nurse for filming the situation as said that posting a TikTok video about the struggles of being a nurse demonstrates the harsh realities of the job.

Is this a glimpse into the stress nurses are under or a performative video to gain TikTok clout? What do you think?

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