Optical illusion divides the internet - but do you see a beach or a car?

<p>Can you see what this really is?</p>

Can you see what this really is?


We all love a good optical illusion but this one’s really blown our minds.

The picture clearly shows a stormy-looking beach, with ominous dark clouds rolling overhead, right?


That’s not what it is at all, as TikTok user and brain teaser junkie @hecticnick pointed out.

In a clip shared to the platform, he said: “This picture is not what you think it is.”

He continued: “You’re probably seeing an ocean with the beach in front of it, right?

“Well, in reality, what it actually is is the bottom of a car door that’s damaged with the ground underneath it.”

His video has been watched more than two million times, as dumbfounded viewers tried to wrap their heads around the whole thing.

Hectic Nick broke down the baffling brain teaser to his 1.7 million followers@HecticNick/TikTok

Some TikTokers claimed that they were now able to see the image both ways, while others were still unable to process anything other than the ocean scene.

A few claimed to see the car first, but we really can’t grasp how that’s possible.

There were also some more offbeat suggestions, with one asking: “Who else thought it was the moon?”

(They were duly greeted with the response: “Huh?”)

While another said: “Am I the only one who saw two snakes?”

Yes, friend. Yes you were.

The picture originally appeared on Twitter and Reddit back in 2019, leaving people scratching their heads then as much then as they are now.

For anyone still struggling to make out the car section, one of the original posters tweeted: “Focus on (the) dark side, you will see the car gate.”

It’s not the only beach-based illusion to stump @hecticnick’s followers.

He posted another clip, which has racked up a whopping 15 million views, which appears to show “something in the ocean”.

But, of course, it doesn’t.

What it actually is is a picture of dark berry cheesecake with a slice removed.

Who else now wants a slice of cake?@HecticNick/TikTok

And while this video was even more popular among TikTokers, viewers were less divided on their take.

“I only saw a cheesecake,” one said smugly, while another wrote: “I never saw an ocean.”

Frankly, we’re not sure what we’re seeing any more...

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