'112 year old' woman asks fellow mothers if it is ok to have pubic hair

'112 year old' woman asks fellow mothers if it is ok to have pubic hair
Gillette advert features singing pubic hair

Mumsnet never ceases to amaze. It provides people with helpful advice, time-saving hacks, much-needed reassurance – and answers to some of life's thought-provoking questions we've never actually asked ourselves.

Well now, one curious user has turned to the platform to delve into the debate around public hair. Because, why not.

The poster, who jokingly claims to be 112 years old, explained how she was having a conversation with a male friend who asked her view on facial hair.

She told him she didn't mind and jokingly asked whether he "liked beards on women," to which he responded on their heads.

The user then posed the question: "Is it normal to have pubic hair as a woman or do most women completely shave down there? Why don’t I know this at the ripe old age of 112?"

She added: "I guess I’m asking because at some point I need to possibly rejoin the relation game."

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The responses did not disappoint. And while there were some rather endearing bits of advice, others focused on a tiny detail: "Wait, you're 112?"

"Be comfortable in your skin," one advised. "How you are on your own is good enough for when you are with someone. Anyone who is not amazed and delighted to be with your naked self should not be given second helpings!"

Another added: "In 30 years of marriage, my DH has never told, asked, or hinted at what he expects me to do with my body hair."

Meanwhile, a third highlighted: "I do wonder if some men came on here, what they would say? I suspect the answers might be a little different..."

In the comments, the Mumsnet poster later confirmed she was actually in her 40s, despite feeling 112.

She wrote: "Yes…I really shouldn’t have any left by now eh. I’m mid 40’s, feeling 112…"

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