Shoppers break up pensioners brawling in supermarket car park

Shoppers break up pensioners brawling in supermarket car park

Two pensioners got into a feisty scuffle in a supermarket car park - and Twitter can’t stop talking about the bare-knuckle OAP brawl.

On Friday, News For All took to Twitter to upload a video of the incident. The clip, which was filmed by someone in another car, shows the two older gentlemen in at a carpark in Essex.

One of them, dressed in an all-tan ensemble with the hat to match, and the other in a red jacket, seemed to talk aggressively towards each other.

Then before you know it, the man in the red jacket gave the other a shove, which had him stumble back a bit.

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Appearing to try to stand up for himself, the man in tan grabs the other man and pushes him onto the hood of his car.

This was the move prompted the cameraman to jump out of the car to help diffuse the situation.

An older woman, presumably the man in tan’s wife, could be heard shouting at him to stop the scuffle.

“None of that, come on,” said the cameraman, gently pulling the man in tan back.

“Get in the car before I put you in hospital,” the woman told the man in tan.

Eventually, you see him almost get back in the driver seat of the car before he continues the shouting match with the other man.

Luckily both the cameraman and wife settle the situation from escalating again.

People on Twitter took to the comments to make light of the situation between the older gentlemen.

“Proper old-fashioned Brexit scuffle. Bet they met up later and had a pint and a chat about Churchill in the boozer afterwards,” someone wrote.

“This should be used as an ad/incentive to encourage people to do the vaccine,” another added.

Someone else wrote: “Do not f*** about with a man dressed head to toe in a matching fawn coloured outfit.”

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