Former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers experienced a “rare” side-effect of Covid - that left her feeling “feral”.

According to the Mirror, Rogers was spending the holiday season with her family in southern Australia when she received a positive rapid antigen (lateral flow) test.

She noted that she experienced the typical symptoms such as fever and dry cough.

But in an Instagram Story post that has since gone away, she noted an additional odd sensation she was experiencing.

“I can’t stop burping. I googled it, and apparently, it’s part of the gastrointestinal symptoms of Covid, not that common though,” Rogers wrote in the Instagram Story before asking if anybody dealt with this when they had Covid.

She also said that she had “really itchy eyes.”

Once she took a PCR test which confirmed a positive Covid result, she made the joke that her “consistent burping” wasn’t her being “a bit feral.”

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According to an August 2020 Stanford Medicine report, researchers analysed data from 116 patients who tested positive for the virus and found that 31.9 percent of the patients faced gastrointestinal symptoms.

“No patients had gastrointestinal symptoms prior to the development of respiratory symptoms or as their only manifestation of Covid-19, wrote Alexander Podboy, MD, one of the study’s fellows.

“However, that may be a product of who we were testing. Currently, testing is only offered for patients that meet specific criteria — criteria that often require the presence of pulmonary symptoms,” he continued.

Other less common symptoms of Covid include hearing loss, conjunctivitis and skin rash.

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