Olympic star reveals genius condom hack used by kayakers

Olympic star reveals genius condom hack used by kayakers

A three-time Australian Olympian took to her TikTok to reveal an unlikely hack to fix her damaged kayak.

Jessica Fox, the newly crowned Olympic champion, got her damaged kayak repaired during the Tokyo Olympics with the help of a condom.

In a video published to her page,  Fox shared how a technician stretched prophylactic over the tip of her boat to keep a carbon filler intact.

“Bet you never knew condoms could be used for kayak repairs,” the text on screen said as you see a man applying the carbon mixture.

Applying carbon mixture to kayakApplying carbon mixture to kayakPhoto courtesy od @jessfoxcanoe/TikTok

After the mixture was applied, you can see the man stretch the condom out and placed it on the tip of the canoe.

Applying the condom over carbon mixtureApplying the condom over carbon mixturePhoto courtesy of @jesscanoefox/TikTok

The condom essentially “gives the carbon a smooth finish.”

People in the video comments were surprised, citing that this is the kind of content they want to see.

“This is the Olympic content we deserve. Thank you. Bless,” someone wrote.

Others made naughty and pun-filled jokes.

“Must have been a SAFE repair,” another added.

“What better way to stop the leaks,” someone else wrote.

Fox also uses her TikTok to show behind the scenes of the Japanese volunteers at the Olympics games, mentioning that they are “the best,” her favorite attire from the Australian team’s uniform ( which happens to be a blazer with all the names of the Australian Olympic gold medalists) and much more.

Fox won the gold medal at the  Kasai Canoe Slalom Center on Thursday making 105. 04 seconds. She beat her friend and rival Mallory Franklin of Britain by more than three seconds.

The women’s canoe slalom is one of 18 new Olympic events established this year to promote gender equality. The men’s double canoe slalom was replaced by this event.

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