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Tinder is for many the modern way to find love and lust - and, according to this study, it's not just useful for single people.

A study of 550 college students who had previously used or use Tinder found that around one in five admitted talking with a person on the app while in a relationship.

Even worse, around 9 per cent said they had been physically intimate with someone they had met on Tinder, despite having an exclusive partner.​

Most participants also knew someone has used Tinder to cheat - and almost a third thought other people used Tinder to cheat often.

In the paper, the authors concluded that sociosexuality, or your willingness to cheat, is linked to using Tinder to be unfaithful:

Sociosexuality and intentions to engage in infidelity were significantly associated with having used Tinder to engage in infidelity.

This suggests that people who use the dating app to cheat are more likely to be adulterous outside of Tinder too.

Thankfully, there is some good news: though it might be easier to betray your partner nowadays, all those message transcripts mean that cheaters have also never been easier to catch.

But bear in mind that the sample size is small - and only college students were surveyed - before you go snooping through your partner's phone.

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