This is what would happen to your body if you only ate meat


This year, more and more of us are deciding to cut out meat altogether in favour of becoming vegetarian or vegan.

But what if you totally rejected the vegetarian ideal and went completely carnivore instead?

It turns out your body would completely freak. So, don't do it, even if you really hate broccoli.

Watch this AsapSCIENCE video for all the disturbing details.

First off, feasting solely on dead animals means a serious lack of fibre, leading to constipation and discomfort. And that's among the most pleasant of the side effects.

Missing out on carbs means also missing out on the simplest way to convert energy. Instead, your body will resort to burning fat and breaking down vital proteins, the latter of which has a dangerous side-effect.

Protein poisoning - which includes symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea and potentially death - comes from a build-up of urea, generated after converting protein to glucose for energy in the liver.

Meats such as rabbit are even more dangerous. They are so low in fat that your body resorts to burning your own, along with protein. It has even been documented that you could continuously eat rabbit but still waste away.

Another potential killer - if there weren't enough already - is the lack of Vitamin C, as humans are one of the few creatures that cannot make on their own.

A lack of it, of course, can cause scurvy, symptoms of which include easy bruising, easy bleeding, and even personality changes, eventually leading to death.

One way to solve this is eating raw meat, as it's cooking that destroys its Vitamin C. This could lead to some unpleasant bacterial disease, though.

But how did the Inuit people in Canada do it, despite a diet of almost exclusively meat?

Well, they snacked on organ meat such as liver, which contains Vitamins D and A, and oily fish for its omega-3 fatty acids. They've also evolved to convert protein to glucose by having larger livers and larger volumes of urine to get rid of more urea. Oh, and they ate a lot of raw meat.

So, unless you have some impressive genetics and just love devouring organs, we wouldn't recommend you try an all-meat diet out.


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