OnlyFans creator says she had sex with Facebook employees to get Instagram account back

OnlyFans creator says she had sex with Facebook employees to get Instagram account back
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If Instagram decides your account has violated one of their policies, getting it restored can be a challenge - which one OnlyFans creator knows all too well and has revealed the lengths she went to in order to get her profile back.

OnlyFans creator Kitty Lixo spilt the beans on the No Jumper podcast where she explained how she managed to get her profile (with over 196,000 followers) restored after she slept with Meta employees (previously known as Facebook).

In a snippet from the chat posted by No Jumper podcast host Adam (@adam22), Lixo detailed how she was able to do this and described it as the “sluttiest thing she’s ever done."

Lixo gave an insight into the social media platform's alleged review process she learned about.

“[My friend] taught me what the process is like basically of when you get your Instagram account shut down and which departments work on which things,” she said. “So basically, he told me the integrity department is the one that's up for reviews.”

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With this information, Lixo looked up her friend's LinkedIn profile in order to search for any connections to Instagram's integrity department.

After she failed to gain their attention by sending messages about her account, Lixo used Instagram to "stalk them" instead.

"I contacted them on Instagram through my backup but still slutty account and I managed to find a couple, not from that department but still people that worked in Instagram in L.A.,"

Soon enough, Lixo managed to find a couple of employees to meet up with who knew about her Girls Gone Wireless podcast and so just had to reach out to them.

“We met up and like I f***ed a couple of them and I was able to get my account back like two or three times,” she said. “Because in order to get it back if they deny you the first time basically what a person has to do is keep trying, keep putting in reviews.”

This is because with each new account review, a different person assesses whether to give back the account, according to Lixo.

"So as long as someone keeps trying for you in that department you will eventually get your account back," she said and added it's all about having "someone internally to rally for you."

In the end, Lixo was able to get to the bottom of why her Instagram was taken down three times and told The Daily Dothow it was restored on those three occasions.

“I didn’t cut a deal with anyone like ‘hey you put in a review for me. And I’ll sleep with you,’” she said.

"The first guy I hooked up with put in an internal review and told me it was for sexual solicitation and then he appealed it because there was no solicitation on the page—my [Onlyfans] link is in a Linktree in my bio which is what most girls do."

She then explained with the new case she discovered her account was shut down because it was hacked - not because of solicitation as previously thought, and noted she "barely posts lingerie pictures."

"So there doesn’t seem to be a lot of uniformity in decision-making internally,” Lixo added and also alleged if an employee "doesn’t like your face, or doesn’t care, or is too lazy to really review your case they’ll just close it and stick to their decision."

In the past, sex workers have slammed Instagram's updates to their terms of use implemented in December 2020, saying the changes would have negative consequences on their work, Novara Mediareported.

With the update, a Facebook company spokesperson said at the time: "Instagram is a global platform for people of all ages and we have rules around nudity and sexual solicitation to ensure content is appropriate for everyone.

When asked by The Daily Dot if she would do the same thing if her account got banned in the future, Lixo said she would "100 per cent do it again."

"I deserve to be heard bc I contribute to their platform in a sizeable way. If they won’t listen to me or give me a chance to appeal I’ll just do it my way. I stick by that.”

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