How 'E-Pimps' are making a fortune on OnlyFans

How 'E-Pimps' are making a fortune on OnlyFans
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With every new online platform comes a new way of earning income and since OnlyFans' rise to prominence, people are trying to market services toward creators in the pursuit of profit from subscribers.

Often these services include handling private messages, marketing the person to an audience who would enjoy their content, and getting subscribers to pay for exclusive videos. Jayson Rosero, the creator of Think Expansion, revealed to theNew York Timeshow his team profits from their clients.

“OnlyFans is a true opportunity for not just sexy girls, but also guys as well,” Rosero wrote in an Instagram post in 2020 recruiting people to work for Think Expansion. “What I’m proposing here is e-pimping."

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OnlyFans creators, often involved in the sex industry, will come to Rosero, 27, in the hopes to grow their following and get some help managing their accounts.

The top OnlyFans creators, get hundreds of messages per day from subscribers who have been promised private conversations. However, dealing with the massive amount of requests is nearly impossible resulting in many creators opting to hire assistants.

Agencies like Rosero's help creators go through messages by hiring ghostwriters, called 'chatters', to message subscribers on the creator's behalf.

When a person onboards as a client they're asking for a stockpile of nude videos and photos so when chatters reach out to subscribers asking if they'd like a private video or photo for a fee, they have something to send.

Although Rosero says oftentimes subscribers just want someone to talk to.

"Our best customers come to us not so much to buy content as they come to us to just feel a connection."

In return, the agency takes a percentage of the amount the OnlyFans creator may earn from private messages or videos. Some agencies take up to 30 percent of the amount a creator makes according to the New York Times.

It is unclear what percentage Think Expansion takes from its clients.

OnlyFans has become a lucrative way for people to make money, either as a side gig or a full-time career. The top OnlyFans earners rake in millions of dollars per year, like Bhad Bhabie.

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