Only three per cent of people pass this creativity test. Can you?

Only three per cent of people pass this creativity test. Can you?

This problem with an outside-the-box solution from Bite Size Pysch goes like this:

Imagine you are a doctor and one of your patients is about to die from a tumour. You can’t perform surgery, but you do have a ray gun which can focus a high intensity ray to destroy the tumour.

There is, however, a problem.

At this high intensity the ray will also damage the healthy tissue it passes through.

If you try to lower the intensity, while the healthy tissue is safe it no longer has the energy to destroy the actual tumour.

So how do you destroy the tumour?

Have a think about it, and then scroll down to check your answer:

The solution is very clever.

Mount 10 ray guns around the patient, and set each ray’s intensity at ten per cent. Then, when you focus the ray guns, the low intensity won’t damage the healthy tissue, but when combined, the radiation is high enough to destroy the tumour.

Did you think to use more than one gun?

If you didn't, don't worry. According to Bite Size Pysch, creativity isn’t some talent you’re born with; it’s a skill that can be improved.

Three ways to up your creativite thinking?

1. Relax

2. Take risks

3. Sleep on it

Check out the puzzle, the reasoning behind it and other creativity tips in the video below:

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