OnlyFans star gets mortifying message from uncle after he finds her page

OnlyFans star reveals mortifying text from her uncle after he found her ...
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An adult OnlyFans creator was left "cringing" when she received a text from her uncle who "stumbled" across her x-rated account.

In a viral TikTok that has racked over 9.5 million views, Karlie Brooks (@karliebrooksxx) explained: "Went five years without my family finding out I do [OnlyFans]. I got this text today."

Karlie shared a screenshot of the creepy message, which read: "Hey kiddo! This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across a video of you today…very nice."

"Do you happen to know Riley Reid? Also, do you have an OnlyFans? My friend wants to know."

The OnlyFans model and porn actress said it left her "cringing", with one fellow TikTok user adding: "The fact he said 'very nice' makes my body fold in on itself."

Another marked the uncle's message as a huge red flag, saying: "The fact he said the word "kiddo" and continued with THAT conversation."

I. Am. Cringing đŸ¤® #CloseYourRings #fypage


I. Am. Cringing đŸ¤® #CloseYourRings #fypage

I. Am. Cringing đŸ¤® #CloseYourRings #fypage

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While Karlie did not disclose whether she responded, she soon received a string of hateful comments directed at her career choice. Luckily, some fellow TikTokers jumped to her defence and highlighted that people were completely missing the point.

"The men in the comments are soooo dense," one person commented. "They missed the point by miles."

"There's no way y'all are blaming her for this," another added.

The harsh words prompted Karlie to follow up. One TikToker said, "at least we know lack of self-respect runs in the family," to which Karlie responded: "The funny thing is, most of you commenting hate apparently checked out my page." She accompanied her response with a screengrab of a message that said her page had been viewed over a million times.

Another bitter critic wrote: "You chose the life, so it's bound to happen sooner or later."

Karlie shunned his comments and said: "We're all adults here – well, you should be if you're on my page,

"Why are men so mad about the industry when you guys created it?

"You literally watch it every night, yet you're mad at the people making it?

"I genuinely don't understand," she concluded.

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