Optical illusion will make you question whether these arrows or circles are moving

Optical illusion will make you question whether these arrows or circles are moving
Reverse perspective optical illusion goes viral on TikTok

A new optical illusion is doing the rounds, and it has left people scratching their heads.

Created by Japanese artist Jagarikin, the latest viral illusion shows two circles with arrows inside that appear to be moving across the screen.

But are the circles actually moving, or does it just seem like they are?

Have a look for yourself:

The illusion was also shared to the popular Optical Illusions subreddit.

“Great, now I’m hypnotised,” one commenter joked.

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One Twitter user went so far as to test it for themselves by putting pieces of paper over the circles:

Agh. What’s going on?! Some think they’ve cracked it.

Twitter user yellowoarfish said the light and the way the gif blinks could be what’s bamboozling us.

He wrote: “I think it has to do with two factors: the first is the way in which the lights are added specifically in the lower corners of the figures.

“The second factor is the way they blink to highlight the first factor.

“Do this test: cover the circle with your hand and just focus one of the arrows. You will notice that a white band of light is added in the corner of the arrow, and that it seems to move because it is blinking, where there is an interval without a white line and another with a white line.”

One Reddit user said: “It’s very clever, using the timing difference between the coloring of the edges and the coloring of the core to create the illusion of movement.

“If you pause the illusion and look closely at the edges, you’ll see what I mean.”

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