Accidental turkey cooking video reveals optical illusion that will make your head ...

An optical illusion of a dog's head made it appear decapitated, and the internet is perplexed.

The since-removed post that was uploaded to the subreddit called mildlyinteresting showed the pup with a floating head on the pavement.

"My dog laying down with his head on the curb… Looks like he's been decapitated," the caption read.

Once people saw it, they quickly wanted proof that the pooch was alive.

"Proof of life required," one wrote.

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"Please send another picture to verify aliveness," another added.

Others made jokes about the scenery.

"Bro! You put that back right now, mister, or you're grounded for a month!" a third wrote.

A fourth added: "That's one smart dog. He's really going to get a head in life! I apologise in advance for my terrible terrible pun. Couldn't resist!"

Someone else noted how this illusion was pulled off and wrote: "I can see it now! His head is resting on the elevated ledge, and his body is behind it. That guy sitting at the top of the ramp makes the perspective even more confusing because he looks to be on the same level as the dog's head."

A photo posted by creator @HecticNick showed several white rabbits on a snowy day with bright white skies gathered together on a train track, making it hard to discover how many of the furry friends were present.

The creator claimed that "only one per cent of people can find all the rabbits in this image."

Elsewhere, another TikToker spoke on the illusion of traffic lights.

Dean Jackson, who goes by @beatonthebeeb, put a cyan filter over the traffic lights. And although the colours seem to be muted, our brains and eyes can still identify the colours as amber, red and green, which is the optical illusion.

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