What do you see? What this optical illusion really reveals about your personality

This optical illusion might reveal a little more about your life.

When you're shown the above illusion, a psychology professor has explained that you will choose the one that links to your life. The information is gathered by your brain, processed, and decided by your unconscious.

A difference in exposure to environmental factors will lead one person to see an old man’s face and other people to see a young woman's head.

Dr Isabelle Mareschal, Lecturer in Psychology at Queen Mary University said that these types of tests allow researchers to gather quantitative data from people with mental illnesses.

She added: “with schizophrenia you can get quantitative data."

If you see a young women's head you are more likely to have a daughter or sister. On the other hand, if you see an old man’s face you are more likely to have an elderly person who is important in your life.

But Dr Mareschal warned that these types of tests cannot be used to find personality traits: "I think those interpretations are far-fetched”.

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