Optical illusion shows how you can see a 3D cube even though it isn't there

Optical illusion shows how you can see a 3D cube even though it isn't there

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Optical illusions encourage you to think outside the box, and one visual trick which went viral on Twitter at the weekend encourages viewers to do that very literally.

The video, taken from the YouTube channel ‘Sonhos com Dimensão’, shows an individual drawing several distorted lines on grid paper before folding the sheet in the middle so the top half stands upright.

From several angles, it might not look like much, but when viewed from the right position, the lines merge to give the impression that a square is jumping off the page.

“Keep one eye closed and see the magic,” the video reads, but to save yourself some embarrassment or public humiliation, you don’t really need to do that.

One Twitter user took to the platform to explain what was taking place, writing that the shape is “adjusted by your point of view”.

“This type of illusion where a distorted drawing appears normal when viewed from a particular point is called anamorphosis,” they said.

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Soon after the video went viral, other accounts shared their own examples of art which uses anamorphosis:

The full video detailing how the illusion can be created can be found on YouTube.

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